As the business and economic environment changes very quickly, it is common for companies to face challenges. Wrong decisions can significantly affect corporate performance and company value. Our specialists will assist you through such difficult times to provide your stakeholders with real results.

In order to improve performance and deal with operational or financial challenges, you need to stabilise your cash and liquidity positions as quickly as possible and find available solutions to your situation. We can identify opportunities for strategic, operational, organisational and financial change so that you can have a smooth turnaround. We will help you assess your liquidity position and create a stakeholder management plan. Our specialists will advise you on various options and their financial payback.

In times of financial problems it is important to provide your stakeholders with additional information or resources as they may lose their confidence.

Our experts will help you understand the intricate landscape of borrowers, lenders and shareholders. They will also help you manage stakeholder communications, so that you can stay in control and make right decisions.

In particular, they will help you assess short-term liquidity requirements, consider steps to quickly preserve value, notice potential risks, realize what has gone wrong and come up with the solution, keep stakeholders engaged in negotiations, consider the most sustainable capital structure and find the way to gain the stakeholders’ approval for implementing it. Our specialists will also help you develop a practical insolvency plan which optimises the stakeholder positions and will assist you on your way back to solid financial health.