The business strategy and finance function need to be coordinated to enable financial analysis and discernment and thus aid corporate decision making as well as meeting legal and regulatory requirements. Our financial management specialists advise senior finance executives on how to optimize their finance function in order for the company to achieve and maintain value for a long period of time. We give guidance to our clients regarding business intelligence and analytics so that they can acquire the useful information at the right time to enable them to make successful business decisions. Apart from that, we provide our customers with advice on what technology and process improvement techniques they can use to reshape their finance function, close their books faster, determine their finance operating models and boost the efficiency of financial operations.

Finance transformation and business improvement require replacing of outdated finance processes and operational models with more relevant ones and thus optimizing decision making and minimizing transaction processing. The purpose of the transformation is to lower risk and cost, to avoid disturbances, limit the time of carrying projects and create a finance function which can enable business managers to make better decisions by providing the right managers with the right information at the right time. It is still a challenging task despite the availability of various methods such as Target Operating Model for example. Our services can help you with this challenge. Our experienced advisors will help you to rearrange your finances, modify your projects and provide you with a framework for building a competitive enterprise with the focus on thorough performance analysis and on how to plan, budget and create forecasting models.